Criminal Investigation Division

Located at:
1601 Ritner Highway
Carlisle, PA  17013
(717) 240-6217  Toll Free: 1-888-697-0371 x 6217
Fax: (717) 240-7763
Please send all Correspondence to:
Office of the District Attorney
1 Courthouse Square
                                                        Carlisle, PA  17013


Provide investigative support to the Office of the District Attorney including trial support, coordinate county-wide drug, auto-theft, insurance fraud and prostitution investigations and assist local law enforcement upon request or in cases of lack of local resources.

Core Activities:

  1. Coordinate investigations of illegal drug activity in the county through the Cumberland County Drug Task Force including all seized asset forfeiture.
  2. Coordinate investigations of Insurance Fraud throughout the county pursuant to a grant from the Pennsylvania Auto Theft/Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority.
  3. Locate and obtain statements from witnesses.
  4. Prepare written reports of all activities.
  5. Transmit all necessary Uniform Crime Report data to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  6. Prepare trial exhibits and technological displays and assist with the same as directed by the District Attorney.