District Attorney

Mission Statement

The Office of the District Attorney will ensure that justice is done in a fair, effective, and efficient manner by pursuing the truth, and safeguarding the fundamental fairness guaranteed to all through the Constitutions and laws of the United States and the Commonwealth.

Cumberland County District Attorney's Office Seal

           In the pursuit of justice, the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office will vigorously assert the rights of victims, while also firmly protecting the rights of the accused.  All prosecutorial decisions shall be made with consideration of the protection of the public, the gravity of the offense as it relates to the impact on the life of the victim and on the community, and the rehabilitative needs of the defendant.

         The Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office is committed to seeking criminal justice innovations that promote public safety, increase community well-being, and reduce recidivism.  

  • In partnership with our outstanding Cumberland County police departments, the District Attorney’s Office uses the most advanced law enforcement investigative techniques, technology, and trial skills to protect and serve the residents of Cumberland County. 
  • Unique in the Commonwealth, the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office has its own forensic laboratory to provide fundamental forensic services in the fields of crime scene processing, fingerprint analysis, DNA, digital imagery, drug testing, blood alcohol testing, computer/digital forensic analysis. 
  • Understanding that crime prevention is a worthy endeavor, the District Attorney will continue aggressive use of diversion programs such as Drug Treatment and Mental Health Courts 

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