Property Mapping About Us

The Property Mapping Office receives a variety of recorded documents from the Recorder of Deeds ranging from simple property sales to complex subdivisions. The Property Mapping Office reviews the documents to update ownership records (MIC Cards) and make changes to the Digital Parcel Layer when necessary.

Cumberland County currently has A GIS (Geographic Information System). The new computerized maps replace the Mylar Maps that were produced from a 1970 -1972 flight. Cumberland County hired a company to create the new Orthophotography (aerial photography) and Vector Data (Parcel Lines, Road Centerlines soils etc) in 1998. The Tax Mapping Office updates the Parcel layer daily when subdivisions occur. When deeds are processed, the annotation layers are checked and any missing annotations are placed on the map.

The Property Mapping Office has three public access computers to view the GIS. The Property Parcels have assessment attributes attached to the parcels that show ownership, location, deed book, lot and plan book number, etc.