Expungement/Limited Access Petitions & Orders

Expungement/Limited Access Petitions and Orders are filed with the Clerk of Court Office. There is a $155.00 non-refundable filing fee for expungement petitions filed at existing Court of Common Pleas dockets. There will be an additional $23 non-refundable miscellaneous filing fee and an additional $5.00 automation fee assessed for petitions filed for any case that has not been previously filed with the Court of Common Pleas (for a total of $183.00). Check, Cash or Money Order is accepted, made payable to Clerk of Court. 

We require at least 1 Original Petition and Order plus (3) additional copies. Please include your telephone number on your Petition. 

You MUST attach the required Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) background check, Request for Individual Access and Review, as per Pa.R.Crim.P. 490 and 790. Disregard the last box on the form petition(s) that inaccurately makes it appear that such a petition can be successfully filed without the required background check. Please see PSP website for additional information: Pennsylvania State Police Website
If an Attorney is filing the Petition and Order please enter your appearance at the time of filing.

The Petitioner shall serve a copy upon the attorney for the Commonwealth.

Petition and Order must be completed in its entirety. The Clerk of Court Office may not assist you in completing the forms. Our office is not permitted to give legal advice. 

Cumberland County is the 9th Judicial District 

Mail to: Cumberland County Courthouse
Clerk of Court
1 Courthouse Square, Room 205
Carlisle, PA 17013

Please complete the correct Petition and Orders:

Petition for Expungement 790 - Misdemeanor/Felony Cases(pdf)
and Order for Expungement 790 - Misdemeanor/Felony Cases (pdf)

Petition for Expungement 490 - Summary Offenses (pdf)
and Order for Expungement 490 - Summary Offenses (pdf)