General Supervision Unit

This unit handles a wide variety of probation and parole offenders supervised under standard conditions of general supervision. These cases may include offenders sentenced to supervision in Cumberland County Court of Common Pleas and/or eligible sentences transferred into Cumberland County from other counties.

There are currently 13 probation/parole officers assigned to the general supervision unit. Most officers are based in our main office location, 4 East Liberty Avenue, Carlisle, across from the main Courthouse. 

Offenders under general supervision are subject to the following standard conditions of probation, parole, or intermediate punishment:
General Supervision
  1. Offender may not commit a new criminal offense.
  2. Offender must maintain employment.
  3. Offender must remain on good behavior.
  4. Offender may not use any controlled substances without a valid prescription.
  5. Offender may be required to submit to random breath or urine tests.
  6. Offender must notify his/her probation/parole officer if the offender plans to change his/her address.
  7. Offender must obtain a travel permit before leaving Pennsylvania for any reason.
  8. Offender must pay all court-related debts and a monthly supervision fee.
  9. Offender may be required to allow his/her residence and car to be searched with or without a warrant.
  10. Offender must report promptly to his/her probation/parole officer as directed.
  11. Offender may not have weapons at his/her residence or in his/her vehicle.
  12. Offender will waive extradition to Pennsylvania if he/she is arrested in another state.
It is important to note that not all offenders are subject to the same conditions of supervision, and conditions may vary on a case-by-case basis.