Do I have a problem with alcohol or other drugs?

If you are asking this question, or if others have told you they are worried about your use of alcohol or other drugs, now is a great time to start finding answers.

The most reliable way to discover whether your use of substances is harming your health or putting you at risk for other problems is to have a complete assessment by a professional substance abuse counselor. Any licensed treatment facility will be happy to schedule an appointment for assessment or evaluation.
If you would like to get an idea of whether your use of alcohol or other drugs is safe, risky, or harmful, try the online screening tool below. It is safe, private and confidential. There are also links to more information about substance abuse and addiction, and to local resources for help.
Click the logo to the right, or follow this link to visit and try the online screening tool.  Then, visit other pages on our web site for more information about local resources for substance abuse treatment, or contact us at (717) 240-6300. 
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