Mental & Physical Health Grants

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The Cumberland County Commissioners have approved funds to be used for grants to improve the mental and physical health of county residents, directly and indirectly, impacted by COVID-19.

Eligible Uses

  • Capital projects for healthcare facilities
  • Projects to provide mental health services
  • Crisis Intervention Services (CIS)
  • Community support for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Community-based support projects
  • GED, Job Training and Career Counseling 
  • In-School Counseling and/or intervention services
  • Recovery and reentry services
  • Housing assistance for those with mental illness
  • Other projects that may help to accomplish the objectives under the fund outline section of this Notice of Grant Availability.

Eligible Applicants

  • A business/non-profit or practitioner that is providing services in Cumberland County or to Cumberland County residents
  • The project funds must be used to help Cumberland County residents or businesses in the county.
  • Supporting underserved populations
  • Providing service to overcome the negative impact of COVID-19.

Grant Amounts 

$50,000 - $2 million

How To Apply

For more information about grant match requirements, application deadlines, and instructions to apply online, visit our Grant Application page