Central Booking Center

The Central Booking Center is located on the Right Side of the Prison Below the Police Entrance. You can follow the signs to Central Booking,

- Fingerprint Orders must be scheduled we will not do walk-in Fingerprint Orders. You can schedule an appointment by calling 717-245-8740

- We will do Juvenile Processing on prescheduled Mondays from 0800-1300 hours. We will not do walk in Juvenile fingerprints they must be scheduled to cut down on wait time and helps keep the Juvenile confidential. You can schedule a Juvenile fingerprint by calling 717-245-8740.

- Make sure you have you Fingerprint Order and photo ID with you when you come in.

- You can reduce your wait time by filling out the attached information sheet and bringing it with you.

- Megan’s Law Registration and updates. We do Megan’s Law 24-7 it is preferred that you call to make an appointment to reduce the wait time in the lobby, but we will do walk-ins you may just have to wait in the lobby until we get to you. You can schedule an appointment by calling 717-245-8740.

The address for the Central Booking Center is 1101 Claremont Rd. Carlisle PA 17015.