Inmate Financial Account & Commissary

Inmate Financial Account:

  1. Upon admission, an inmate money account shall be established for each inmate for the depositing of all monies received for the inmate.  All monies taken from the inmate at time of admission is placed into this account.
  2. The inmate’s money account is managed by the Accounts Officer.
  3. A kiosk located in the administrative lobby accepts monies (cash [5.00 bills or larger] or credit card transfers) into an inmate’s account. Visitors can access this kiosk Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. (except county holidays) and during all visiting hours. There is a transaction fee charged for all transfers (similar to an ATM machine). Additionally funds can be deposited off site by accessing
  4. A receipt is rendered for all transactions.
  5. Money orders are NOT accepted.
  6. You are not permitted to transfer funds between inmate accounts.
  7. Money found in your cell or on your person while in general population housing is considered contraband.
  8. Inmates may check their account balance through the inmate telephone system.


  1. Commissary is held one (1) time per week.
  2. Inmates order commissary directly using the Inmate Telephone System from Saturday morning thru Tuesday night.
  3. Commissary purchases are deducted from your individual inmate account.
  4. Maximum spending amounts and commissary delivery days are all posted in each housing unit.  This electronic method of ordering will automatically prohibit the inmate from spending above the maximum allowed spending limit.  Maximum possession of any commissary item is twice the weekly limit.
  5. Periodic price changes or scheduling effecting commissary are published in memorandum format and posted in each unit.
  6. Only Walkman type radios with headphones purchased through commissary are permitted.  Inmates are only allowed one (1) radio in their possession.  Excess and/or altered radios/headphones are considered contraband.  Radios are not permitted outside of the housing units.
  7. Inmates who have no funds and need basic personal hygiene items or items for correspondence may be eligible to receive a limited amount of indigent commissary.
  8. All inmates housed in units A/B or J may only order limited commissary from a restricted commissary menu regardless of segregation reason.
  9. Inmate signed commissary order receipts are final.

Indigent Inmates:

An inmate qualifies as indigent when they have a zero balance on their individual inmate account for a period of two (2) weeks. Indigent inmates may be eligible to receive a limited amount of the following type items free of charge by submitting a request to the Deputy Warden-Operations:

  1. Clothing – Socks and Underwear
  2. Personal Hygiene – Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap and feminine hygiene products.
  3. Correspondence – Limited paper, golf pencil and an envelope.
  4. Postage for legal mail.
  5. An inmate is removed from indigent status once funds of any amount are placed into their individual inmate account.