2006 Land Partnerships Plan

Countywide Strategy

A Countywide Strategy for Open Space Preservation and Smart Growth Adopted April 17, 2006  (all pdf files)
 Resolution No. 2006-14 & 2006-15
 Table of Contents
 Chapter 1 Introduction
 Chapter 2 Need Assessment
 Chapter 3 Public Participation
 Chapter 4 Goals & Objectives
 Chapter 5 Farmland Preservation
 Chapter 6 Natural Resource Protection
 Chapter 7 Parks, Greenways & Trails
 Chapter 8 Livable Communities
 Chapter 9 Implementation Strategy
 Appendix A
 Appendix B
 Appendix C
 Appendix D
 Appendix E
 Map 2-1 Protected Land/Water
 Map 5-1 Soil Association 
 Map 5-2 Soils        
 Map 5-3 Soil Limitations for On-Lot Septic                
 Map 5-4 Agricultural Lands          
 Map 6-1 Land Use/Cover    
 Map 6-2 Geology      
 Map 6-3 Woodland     
 Map 6-4 Steep Slope     
 Map 6-5 Water Resources       
 Map 6-6 Groundwater Vulnerability and Impaired Streams           
 Map 6-7 Natural Area Inventory (NAI)       
 Map 6-8 Floodplains/Wetlands       
 Map 6-9_Conservation Area     
 Map 7-1 Greenways           

Please direct any questions or concerns regarding the plan to Stephanie Williams, Greenway & Open Space Coordinator, Cumberland County Planning Commission at (717) 240-5383 or Email.