Map Services

Learn how to navigate the Cumberland County Property Mapper. View specific locations; use the 'Locate Me' feature on your mobile device; search properties by address or by parcel number.

Property Mapper

A web mapping application that allows users to easily locate and find information regarding land parcels in the county.  Questions related to property information should be directed to the Property Mapping Department.

GIS has released an enhancement to the Property Mapper. Selected parcels now open a popup panel on the left-hand side of the screen displaying assessment data. There is a print widget in the top right of the screen which creates a print document with the map and selected assessment data. 2020 imagery is the default base map with 6 previous years of base map imagery available. These enhancements were developed with user convenience in mind.

Planning Review Map Series

A mapping application that allows users to swipe map views between parcels, land use, zoning, and ag preservation. Users can view the map on any device, locate their position, and search for an address.  

Municipal Zoning Maps

The Planning and GIS Departments work together to publish maps for the 30 municipalities that use zoning to develop their communities.

 NOTE: Zoning authority resides with the municipalities. Questions regarding zoning districts or regulations within the ordinance should be directed to the municipality. Zoning maps on this website may not be the officially adopted zoning map for the municipality.
Elections Voter Precinct Maps

The Bureau of Elections and GIS Department work together to create maps of polling places and precincts. For Voter Services, please visit the Bureau of Elections website.
Subdivision and Land Development Activity Map

A web map that allows you to view subdivision and land development plans reviewed by the Cumberland County Planning office. You can filter plans by a start and end date. You can also zoom the map to a selected municipality, or search by plan name or street address.
Web Map Gallery

The GIS Department has developed a variety of web maps and applications. These include agricultural resources, a parks and trails viewer, recycling and solid waste disposal, the capital bridge improvement program, mosquito treatment spray routes, and a tour of the Yellow Breeches Creek water trail, to name a few.

Purchase GIS Data

GIS data is available for purchase through the Property Mapping department. Cost of the data DVD is $100.
External Map Resources