Enforcing a Support Order

Upon the Defendant's (payer) failure to make regular payments and/or otherwise comply with the support order, enforcement action shall be initiated.  The Court will use all methods available by law to obtain payment of the support order which may include charging the Defendant with contempt of court, which is punishable by up to 6 months in Cumberland County Prison, plus fines.  Accumulation of arrears may result in the issuance of an income attachment order with an increased arrears payment. The Court may also direct the denial/suspension of the Defendant’s professional licenses, passport, driver’s license, and hunting and fishing privileges.

Upon the support account meeting certain delinquent arrearage levels, the arrears may be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service and the lottery systems for collection.  The Court may also submit the Defendant’s arrears to the Consumer Credit Bureau agencies and place a lien on any of the Defendant's known properties.  The Defendant’s assets held by financial institutions (savings accounts, mutual funds, etc.) may be seized for collection of the support arrearage.  In addition, the Court may attach any form of income or lump sum payment resulting from worker’s compensation or severance pay settlements.

For more information: Child Support Enforcement Measures (scroll down to page 22).