Ombudsman Program (60+)

Ombudsman is a Swedish word meaning 'citizen representative', and in Pennsylvania the Ombudsman Program provides a way for people to voice their concerns regarding long term care services being provided to any person age 60 and older and have their complaints addressed.
Man on the phone looking at papers
Long Term Living Services Complaints
If you have a complaint regarding the quality of long-term-living services that you or someone you know is receiving, one of our highly trained Ombudsman staff and volunteers are prepared to investigate and help resolve the problem.  This service is available to any person age 60 or older receiving a long-term-care service regardless of whether it is provided in an institution, a community setting, or the private home.  
Volunteer Ombudsman Program
Our Volunteer Ombudsman Program provides training to 'friendly visitors' who talk with residents, listen to their stories, and share information regarding residents' rights.  If a concern arises regarding the resident's quality of care, with the resident's permission, the volunteer would refer the concern to the Ombudsman.  Recruitment is ongoing and if you are interested in volunteering, please contact our agency and ask for the Volunteer Ombudsman Coordinator.