Adopt or Sponsor a Highway

Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation (PennDOT) offers a variety of beautification programs to reduce litter from Pennsylvania's state-maintained roadways.

Adopt A Highway Program

Adopt A Highway is a program that is managed by PennDOT where volunteers beautify roadsides, two miles at a time, twice a year, for two years. PennDOT provides safety vests, bags, gloves and signage for volunteers to help remove litter from Pennsylvania's roadsides.

Benefits of Adopting a Highway

  • PennDOT posts a sign with your/your group's name acknowledging your service.
  • Groups who adopt a highway receive FREE gloves, vests, trash bags, and "litter crew ahead" signs all year round from PennDOT.
  • Can conduct as many clean ups a year as you wish — but a minimum of twice a year on your timeframe.
  • PennDOT will remove bags of collected trash after results are reported.
  • Locating a road, registering an event, and reporting results are all simple.
  • Achieve cleaner roads in your township and county in the state of Pennsylvania.

Sponsor A Highway Program

While PennDOT's Adopt A Highway program uses volunteers to maintain adopted sections of roadways, Sponsor A Highway involves businesses contracting with one of two approved vendors to perform roadside litter removal. These vendors manage litter removal programs throughout the Commonwealth and have cleaned over one million miles of US highways and interstates. The PennDOT approved vendors are Adopt a Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc. and Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation.

Benefits of Sponsoring a Highway

  • Business' name is displayed prominently as the road's sponsor on a sign along the roadway.
  • Helps to meet and convey corporate responsibility goals.
  • Businesses will help create a cleaner and healthier environment locally.
  • Sponsorship sends a message to the people traveling in their cars that the business cares about the environment and their community.
  • Serves as a visible way to display goodwill toward a particular community.
  • Businesses will send a message to their employees that caring for the environment is a priority and can "Lead by Example".
  • Ease of transaction — the company they hire will do all the work, including obtaining PennDOT approval for location of signs, sign installation, and litter clean ups.
  • Businesses will deal with the vendor directly, and the vendor will coordinate with PennDOT.