Cumberland County Farmland Preservation Donation Program


The Cumberland County Farmland Preservation Program accepts cash gifts as well as donated agricultural easements.  Gifts of both cash and easements are considered a charitable contribution and tax deductible as provided by state and federal law.

How to Make a Donation of Cash

Making a cash donation to the Farmland Preservation Program is easy.  Donors simply complete the donation form provided below. Checks made payable to Cumberland County can be forwarded to the Cumberland County Planning Department, 310 Allen Road, Carlisle, PA  17013.   Donors will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of their donation.

Benefits of Cash Donations

  • 100% of your donation goes to preservation of prime farmland.  No funds are used for administrative purposes.
  • 100% of your contribution stays in Cumberland County to benefit local farmers.
  • Donations help leverage additional state and federal grant funds.  Every dollar donated will generate at least $1 in matching grant funds.

How to donate an easement

Donated easements are accepted on a case by case basis.  Preservation of the farmland tract must be consistent with municipal land use plan and the Cumberland County Comprehensive Plan.  In order to be eligible to make application for donation, a farmland tract must meet the following minimum criteria:
  • The tract must be a minimum of 35 acres
  • The tract must be located in a designated Agricultural Security Area (ASA)
  • The tract must be zoned for agriculture
  • At least 50% of the tract must be engaged in agricultural production
  • The Tract must contain class 1-3 soils
All parties interested in donating an agricultural conservation easement must conduct a pre-application meeting with the staff of the County Board. The meeting will introduce the applicant to the donation program to review the eligibility criteria before a formal application is submitted to the County Board. Applications are approved on a case by case basis. All applications will be reviewed by the County Agricultural Land Preservation Board who will make a recommendation to the Board of Commissioners regarding the donation.

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