CSP Principles

I. Consumer Centered / Consumer Empowered
Services are organized to meet the needs of each consumer rather than the needs of the managed care program or needs of service providers. Services incorporate individual self help approaches, and are provided in a manner that allows persons to retain the greatest possible control over their own lives.

II. Culturally Competent
Services that are culturally competent are designed and delivered to recognize and respect the behavior, ideas, attitudes, values, beliefs, customs, language, rituals, ceremonies, and practices of an individual or a particular group of people.

III. Flexible
The development and delivery of services and supports are flexible as possible in order to meet the needs of a wide diversity of persons in the geographic area. Flexibility includes having a wide variety of services, of variable intensity, available at a wide range of times, and delivered in a wide range of environments.

IV. Meet Special Needs
Services are adapted to meet the special needs of people with mental illness who are affected by one or more the following factors: old age, substance abuse, physical disability, loss of sight / hearing, intellectual and developmental disabilities, homelessness, HIV / AIDS, and involvement with the criminal justice system.

V. Accountable
Service providers are accountable to the users of the services. Individuals and their families are involved in the planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating services.

VI. Strengths Based
Services build upon the assets and strengths of individuals to promote growth and movement toward independence.

VII. Community Based / Natural Supports
Services are offered in the least coercive manner and most natural setting possible. Consumers are encouraged to use the natural supports in the community and to integrate into the living, working, learning, and leisure activities of the community.