Fire / EMS Communications Manual

Table of Contents

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  1  Standard Operating Procedures   HTML        PDF  
  2  Basic Rules HTML     PDF  
  3  Communications with Mobile Units   HTML       PDF  
  4 Mobile Unit Designations   HTML       PDF  
  5 Fixed Station Identification and Channel Authorization   HTML       PDF  
  6  Incoming Emergency Calls, Alarm and Incident Dispatch   HTML       PDF  
  7 Encoder Tones /  Siren Decoder Policy   HTML       PDF
  8  Pre-Planned Fire / EMS Responses   HTML       PDF
  9   Information Announcements/ Equipment Status / General Operational Information   HTML         PDF
10  Inter-Company Communications   HTML       PDF  
11   Incident Communications   HTML       PDF  
12   Fire / Rescue Specific Communications   HTML       PDF  
13   EMS Specific Communications   HTML       PDF  
14   Special Fire Police Communications   HTML       PDF  
15  Link to APPENDICES