About Us

The Cumberland-Perry Drug and Alcohol Commission is a public Executive Commission. As such, it operates from within the Cumberland County Dennis Marion Public Services Building as a department of county government and as one part of a broad system of county human services.
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Under the joint direction of the Boards of County Commissioners in both Cumberland and Perry Counties, the Commission serves as the Single County Authority (SCA) in fulfillment of state contracts and regulations. An Executive Director is employed by the County Commissioners to serve as staff to the Commission and to hold responsibility for the general management of the drug and alcohol system.

The Executive Director is responsible for managing public funds for drug and alcohol services. The Commission contracts with local community-based organizations for the actual delivery of prevention, intervention and treatment services with one exception. The Commission also provides prevention and early intervention services in Cumberland County through its “in-house” Resource Center. All service providers, including the Commission Resource Center, are approved or licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs in accord with the State Plan for Drug and Alcohol Services and State regulations.