Video Conferencing


The Court Administrator's Office must receive online notification a minimum of 10 days prior to scheduling a video teleconference. Requests must be made through the web form:

Video Conference Request form

For matters where the alternate location is not a prison or correctional facility, the requesting party must arrange and schedule the video teleconference with the remote site for the above-mentioned date and time and notify the Court Administrator that the arrangements have been made.

The court will test the equipment to ensure the connection.

During the Teleconference

A court employee will be present during the entire video teleconferencing. The court employee will be responsible for operating the camera in the courtroom and preprogramming camera shots with the approval of the presiding judge and all attorneys involved.


There are no fees for the use of Cumberland County's equipment. Any expenses incurred by the party for use of the alternate site are the responsibility of the party.

Contact Information

The contact person in the Court Administrator's office is Kim Mayberry. She may be reached at 717-240-6200