Core Activities

Death Scene Investigations: Conduct a thorough death scene investigation and determine whether any other persons were involved with the death other than the decedent.  Protect and preserve the death scene for the purpose of gathering relative facts, circumstances, and evidence related to the cause and manner of death, while preventing all persons present from contracting any biological contamination.

Victim History and Identification: Obtain all information necessary to establish a positive identification and supplement the background history. Identify, locate, and notify the decedent's legal next of kin.

Forensic Examination: Determine the need and arrange for the completion of various studies by the appropriate experts in any given circumstance, which include, but are not limited to autopsy, toxicology, radiology, odontology, anthropology, and entomology examination.

Training and Education:  Provide training and educational programs for the public, fire, police, and emergency medical personnel regarding death, death scenes, and explaining our responsibilities and the importance of the emergency personnel forwarding information to the Coroner's Office.