Earned Income/Local Services Tax
The Local Tax Enabling Act authorizes Local Earned Income Taxes (EIT) for
municipalities and school districts. This tax is .5% of your earned income for the
municipality and between .9% and 1.5% for the school district in which you reside.
School districts cannot increase the EIT or reinstate an occupational tax. The Earned
Income Tax is deducted from your paycheck by your employer.

Local Services Tax

Act 7 of 2007 amended the Local Tax Enabling Act, Act 511 of 1965, to permit
municipalities and school district to impose, on persons employed within the jurisdiction,
a combined Local Services Tax (LST) of up to a maximum of $52 a year. Municipalities
must use funds from an LST for police, fire or emergency services; road construction or
maintenance; or the reduction of property taxes. Additionally, municipalities must use at
least 25% of the revenues for emergency services. This limitation does not apply to the
school district. The situs for the LST is the actual location where the individual taxpayer
works. No person should pay more that $52 a year, regardless of the number of political
jurisdictions in which they worked during that year. Contact the taxing municipality and
school district where you work to find out if they have adopted the LST.

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