What is a UPI number?
“UPI” stands for Uniform Parcel Identifier. A UPI number is a series of
numbers (and sometimes letters) that identifies each separate tract, lot, or parcel of
real estate in Cumberland County. The UPI number will allow people to identify a
particular piece of real estate by number, instead of having to describe it by a long
legal description. People will also be able to look up ownership, liens (such as
mortgages), easements (such as utility rights-of-way), and other matters effecting
real estate, by entering a UPI number, instead of the current method of having to
search by each owner of the real estate.
Each parcel of real estate in Cumberland County already is given a number.
That is its tax assessment parcel number, sometimes referred to as a tax map
number. The UPI number for each parcel of real estate will be the same as its
current tax assessment parcel number.

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