Tax Claims Online Payment FAQ'S

Official Payments enables Cumberland County consumers to pay their delinquent real estate taxes and fees by credit or debit card via the Internet. The payment process is simple and secure by visiting our webpage. Cumberland County residents can pay their delinquent county, library, municipal and school real estate taxes plus costs by using American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard®, and VISA® credit cards and debit cards with the MasterCard® or VISA® logo.

Paying taxes and fees by credit or debit card allows consumers to take advantage of card rewards, payment flexibility, convenience, and safety. A nominal fee is charged by Value Payments Systems (VPS) based on the transaction amount. The consumer is notified of this fee before their payment is made.

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1. What taxes do you collect?
2. When is my original tax bills mailed?
3. What if I don’t have any kids in school?
4. Can I make payments?
5. How and where can I pay my delinquent real estate taxes or Clean and Green Roll-back taxes?
6. What penalties will I be charged if my taxes are delinquent?
7. When will I be advertised in the newspaper?
8. Can anyone pay my taxes?
9. What is the per-capita bill I receive in March with my real estate tax bill?
10. Who do I call about the EST tax taken out of my paycheck?
11. Tax Claims Online Payment FAQ'S
12. What is a Tax Certification?
13. What cards do Value Payment Systems accept for the Cumberland County Tax Claim Bureau?
14. Why is there a convenience fee and why am I paying for this?
15. How safe is using Value Payment Systems?
16. Will I receive a confirmation of my card payment?
17. How can I be sure that my payment was processed correctly?
18. Who do I call if my payment doesn’t appear on my card statement?
19. When will the Tax Claim Bureau apply my credit card payment to my tax account?
20. Can I visit the Tax Claim Bureau and make a credit card payment?
21. How can I find out what my delinquent tax balance is?