Can I apply for a job that is not posted?
All positions available at the County will be posted. If you do not see a posting for a particular position and want to apply anyway, please fill out an application using the PDF file at the bottom of the 'Career' page. You will need to save it to your computer, fill out the interactive form, attach it, along with any other documents you wish to send, to an email to Your application will remain on file up to a year from the date you submit it.

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1. How do I find your job postings?
2. Do I have to apply online?
3. Can I apply for a job that is not posted?
4. How long does my application stay on file?
5. Who should I contact with questions concerning a position?
6. How long should I wait before checking the status of my application after applying for a position?
7. Where can I find a summation of your benefits?
8. Do I need to fill out a new application for each job I apply for?
9. Do you offer tuition assistance for employees?