What are the requirements for bringing suit before a Magisterial District Judge?
You may file a suit with a magisterial district judge at the Magisterial District Court if you have a complaint against a person or business and wish to recover an amount of money totaling $12,000 or less. This is called a civil lawsuit. The $12,000 limit does not include the court costs involved in the suit, or any interest which may be due on your claim. If you are successful, you are entitled to be reimbursed for court costs. The MDJ is a judge assigned to hear these types of cases.

If you are involved in a dispute over a landlord/tenant issue, the time frame for hearings and appeals is different from those addressed in this pamphlet. You may also be brought before a district judge to answer a summary offense charge or a motor vehicle violation. The proceedings are similar but each has specific rules not covered in this pamphlet.

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