Where can I get help with housekeeping?
Housekeeping is a big concern for many people, particularly those who experience physical limitations due to age or disability. However, if the only service a person needs is housekeeping, they will need to purchase the service through an independent agency providing in-home care or housekeeping.

If a person needs assistance with personal care, there may be resources available to help offset the costs associated with these services. There are two programs that may assist a person with personal care in the home:
For those 60 years of age or older, Cumberland County Aging and Community Services can provide a few hours per week for personal care services. There may be a co-pay for Options services.
The other possibility for getting services mentioned above is under the Medical Assistance Waiver program. There are Waiver programs designed for people who require Nursing Home Level of Care but opt to remain in the community. Contact the Link for more information on the various Waiver Programs. To enroll in a Waiver you must call the Independent Enrollment Broker at 1-877-550-4227.

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