Youth Advisory Board Activities

Our Youth Advisory Board is an active group, participating in monthly general membership meetings and monthly committee meetings.  Their work centers on supporting the mission of the Drug and Alcohol Commission.  Several members are active in the YAB's puppet troupe.  The video below, The Choice,  features work done by this group of students with the assistance of Carlisle High School's HERD TV.  This particular project would not have been successful without the help of Mr. Williams Stoms, Careers and Technology teacher, and Max Wendelken, student director and producer.
The Choice is a program comprised of a videotaped puppet skit and companion activity book for preschool and early elementary age children.  This program encourages children to make good choices about the way that they act, talk, and feel.  Teachers, parents, and caregivers are encouraged to view the video with their children and to use the activity book to reinforce the lesson taught by the puppets.  As with all educational materials, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the content of the video and activity book before sharing them with the children in your care. 

The On Applebee Pond (OAP) Puppet Program, which was used in the development of the video, was created by the Mercer County Behavioral Health Commission, Inc. as a life skills prevention program. 

The objectives of On Applebee Pond are to foster healthy lifestyles, to enhance decision-making skills, to promote self-awareness, to provide accurate drug and alcohol prevention information, and to provide skills for resolving conflicts.

For additional assistance with using The Choice program or to learn more about the On Applebee Pond Puppet program, please call the Cumberland-Perry Drug and Alcohol Commission at 1.866.240.6300 or email.