Prevention & Early Intervention Goals

Through our substance abuse prevention and early intervention programming we hope to:
  • Increase community awareness and utilization of available substance abuse prevention, early intervention and treatment resources;
  • Decrease parental approval of adolescent alcohol, tobacco, and other drug (ATOD) use, and to increase parent skill levels in responding to adolescent ATOD use;
  • Increase the number, frequency and scope of healthy alternative activities available to youth and families by motivating and empowering key individuals and groups to take action in this area;
  • Reduce the length of time between onset of high risk behaviors and referral to appropriate, effective intervention activities;
  • Strengthen and expand the range of drug and alcohol intervention services available to youth and their families;
  • Increase the quantity, quality and scope of alcohol and other drug abuse prevention activities in Cumberland and Perry Counties by motivating and empowering key individuals and groups; and
  • Increase community resistance to substance abuse and related problem behaviors, including – but not limited to – adolescent substance abuse and DUI.