Exploratory Committee

The application period for the exploratory committee is now closed. We will review applications and notify those who have been selected.

Program Overview

Cumberland County is exploring the creation of an endowment fund from a portion of the remaining proceeds from the sale of Claremont Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

Exploratory Committee

We are looking for residents interested in serving on a committee to explore the creation of an endowment fund from a portion of the remaining nursing home proceeds. This exploratory committee will research the needs of the community in coordination with the county’s Human Services Policy Steering Committee to develop recommendations to present to the Board of Commissioners.

The county is looking for community-minded residents who are interested in serving on a committee to research where funding could best serve residents in need throughout the county. In addition, the committee will meet with residents at public meetings with the intent to garner additional ideas, needs and general feedback.

To apply for a volunteer position on the committee, residents will need to fill out an application, detail interest in serving, related background and professional experience. Residents can submit applications by email at commissioners@cumberlandcountypa.gov, hand-deliver them or mail the application to the Cumberland County Courthouse, Office of the Chief Clerk, Suite 200, Carlisle PA, 17013. All applications are due by Monday, Dec. 12 at 4:30 p.m.


Email us at commissioners@cumberlandcountypa.gov or call 717.240.6150.