Cumberland County is fighting the battle of opioid addiction that can impact residents of all walks of life. We continue to work with our community partners to make strides in combating this epidemic in our county. The statistics on this page show that our commitment is yielding results however, the fight continues until there are no overdose deaths in Cumberland County.

2019 Coroner OD Deaths

The Cumberland County Coroner’s office saw a decline in deaths due to opioid and heroin drug overdoses in 2018. The number of opioid related deaths decreased by 40%.

2019 Coroner OD Alert . Calls to 911

Overdose related calls to 9-1-1 ticked up slightly in 2018 to 643. These are reported overdoses to our Cumberland County 9-1-1 center and reflected a 1.58% increase over 2017.

2019 Naloxone Use Report

All of Cumberland County's municipal police departments have been trained and are equipped to use Naloxone. Since October 2015, local police have administered Naloxone to 281 individuals. In 241 (83.4%) of these cases, there was a successful reversal and a life was saved.

Drug drop boxes have collected 24,000 lbs since 2014.

Help stop the opioid crisis by dropping off your unused medications at the 21 medication drop boxes across Cumberland county. Since it's inception, these drop boxes have collected nearly 24,000 lbs of unused medications.