Camp Support

What is camp support?

The IDD Program provides limited funding for individuals age 21 and under on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Program Office will pay up to $300 for one week of overnight camp or two weeks of day camp for an individual. Registration fees must be paid by the parent or guardian. After the registration fee is paid, the parent or guardian may contact the County Office for the next steps.

What camps can I use?

Any camp willing to accept your child may be used. However, the Program Office maintains a list of camps currently being used. Camps usually start sending out their program information at the beginning of the year.

Are there similar services for adults?
Individuals 22 years of age or older may apply for funds for a camping experience through the Family Driven Support Service.

How can I obtain additional information?
Cumberland/Perry IDD Base Service Unit

Human Service Building  .  Suite 301  .  6 West High Street, Carlisle, PA 17013
717.240.6320 or toll free 866.240.6320

Ask to speak to the Camp Coordinator.