Community Opiate Overdose Prevention (COOP)

The Cumberland County COOP is a coalition of various government and community partners from diverse backgrounds, including criminal justice, emergency services, public health professionals, education, and human services representatives. This group is working cooperatively towards a common cause - to use effective outreach and education to reduce overdoses as a result of the heroin and prescription opiate epidemic; raise awareness of the alarming increase in drug use and drug related deaths; prevent drug use and addiction; and promote treatment.

  • Reduce the number of drug related deaths and drug related crimes in the community.
  • Educate the community on the dangers of opiate use through tailored programming for the target audiences.
  • Enrich the community with resources to prevent and treat addiction, and promote recovery.
  • Engage the community by raising awareness of the personal, social, economic and environmental impacts of drug use.
  • Diminish the supply and demand for heroin and prescription opiates.