WWAN Project

About the Project

Tower is positioned atop the East Wing

The Cumberland County WWAN (Wireless Wide-Area Network) Project is an endeavor to improve the County's network performance among the Carlisle-area facilities while reducing its overall annual cost. As a replacement for existing leased network lines, the wireless service connects computer and telephone systems between the New Courthouse in downtown Carlisle, the Allen Road building to the West and the Claremont Nursing Home, County Prison and localized buildings to the East.  The new wireless network will increase throughput from 10Mb links to 100Mb and 1Gb links.

Tower being prepped on High Street

Cost Benefits

Expenses for the project total approximately $608,104 ($537,058 for new WWAN equipment and towers plus $71,046 in upgrades to existing network infrastructure) with an additional $45,300 in annual maintenance costs. Use of the new network will reduce expense by an estimated $644,661 over the next ten years compared to past, alternative solutions (dedicated fiber lease) with the Return on Investment being fully realized within four to five years.


The videos shown here are footage of the construction of the new antenna tower atop the East Wing of the New Courthouse in Downtown Carlisle. The first block of East High Street was closed to accommodate the construction equipment and to provide safety for pedestrians and spectators.