Fuel/Gas inspections are conducted annually and without prior notice to the business.

Numerous items are included in the inspection examination procedure including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Accuracy of the device measurement
  • Readability of the device display
  • Correctness of the price calculation
  • Condition/functionality of the hose, nozzle, device housing
  • Security Seal

Overall, there is an average 6.5% inspection examination failure rate annually.

Accuracy of measurement errors account for a 3% device failure rate. These errors are as small as 3 ounces on 5 gallons of a gas/fuel purchases.

Cumberland County purchased a Mobile Test Measure Unit for Weights and Measures Inspections of Gas/Fuel pumps in 2005. This unit, enhances overall efficiency and productivity of gas/fuel inspections conducted by the County Weights and Measures Office.

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