Upset Real Estate Tax & Judicial Sale


Cumberland County and the Cumberland County Tax Claim Bureau make no representations or warranties that the information set forth on this web page is true, accurate, or up to date. Specifically, information concerning the property owner, amount of tax, interest accruing on that tax, and costs chargeable to the delinquent account, are updated periodically, and not all at the same time. Account balances will reflect an update every Monday and ownership changes will be reflected the beginning of each month. Parties may get verbal confirmation from the Tax Claim Bureau or request a tax certification for a fee of $5 (Sec. 208 Real Estate Tax Sale Law of 1947, Act 542).

Furthermore Cumberland County and its Tax Claim Bureau in regard to its sale listing, and any conveyance thereof is without guarantee or warranty, whatsoever, either, as to existence, correctness of ownership, size, boundaries, location, structures, or lack of structures upon the land, liens, titles, or any other matter, or thing whatsoever.