Home Modification Program


The Home Modification Program, or Chore Service, includes modifications to
homes in order to improve overall safety conditions, to make it easier and safer for those over age 60 to manage activities of daily living such as bathing, cooking, ambulating and navigating stairs.  Goal of service is to help maintain independence by allowing people to remain in their homes safely. The work is completed by employees of the Agency and may include:
Home Safety Modifications
Installation of grab bars, transfer benches, hand rails on stairs, minor plumbing repairs such as installing heat tape, and lighting fixtures (no electrical or plumbing work).
Installation and removal of window unit air conditioners, storm windows and screens; and cleaning blocked rain gutters.
Construction of low rise wheelchair ramps (under three steps high), minor masonry repairs to cracked or damaged steps/sidewalk, repair of step, porch, floorboard and floor support.
Windowpane replacement, re-glazing windows, door latch/door knob repair or replacement, window sash cord replacement.   
Replace or repair small areas of damaged interior plaster or drywall; trim and paint as necessary.  (There are service restrictions, call for more information)


Aging & Community Services provides this service through several different programs.  The eligibility requirements vary with each program. Consumers pay for materials needed, and labor is billed on a sliding fee scale according to the consumer's income.


60+ Home Safety Modifications

Installation of safety devices and minor home repairs which are necessary to maintain safety in the home for county residents age 60 and older.  

Family Caregiver 1-Time Grant

A one-time reimbursement of up to $2,000 may be given to qualified families to modify the home or purchase assistive devices to accommodate the frail relative.  To be eligible you must qualify for the Family Caregiver Support Program.

More Information

Please email us for more information or to inquire as to eligibility under one of the Home Modification programs