Payment of Court Costs, Fines, and Restitution

Defendants that are unable to make payments as outlined in their payment plan must contact their assigned probation officer. Defendants not assigned to a probation officer should contact the Court Collections Unit at 717.240.7340.

Court Costs

Costs, fines, and restitution are paid in the Clerk of Courts office located on the second floor of the East Wing Annex of the new Courthouse. Payments can be made in the office Monday through Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm.  If you're unable to submit payment during office hours, a drop box is located in the breezeway at the rear of the new Courthouse. 

Accepted payment methods include cash, money order, certified check, or cashier's check payable to:  

Clerk of Courts
Costs & Fines
Room 205
1 Courthouse Square
Carlisle, PA 17013

To insure credit to the correct case, payments must be clearly marked with the Defendant Name and the Criminal Docket Number (i.e. CP-21-CR-XXXX-YEAR). 

Payments of costs, fines, and restitution can be made online using PAePay found on the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania (UJS) Web Portal.  Online payments can be submitted using Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express credit/debit cards or by ATM card only.  There is a $1000 limit per transaction, with no limit of transactions per day.  Users will be assessed a non-refundable convenience fee of $2.75 for each transaction submitted.    

Court case financial information may be available online by searching Public Web Docket Sheets in the UJS Portal.  The ability to search for and review information contained in the web docket sheets is a free public service.  Users can search by various types of information including docket number, participant name, and police incident/complaint number.
For more information regarding making court costs, fines, and restitution payments, access the Clerk of Courts website or contact their office at 717.240.6250.