Household & Financial Preparations

Protect your Home and Possessions
Whether you rent or own your home, there are many things you can do to protect your home and possessions. You can increase your safety and reduce insurance costs by:
  • Installing safety equipment such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Securing large or heavy items that could fall and cause damage during a storm
  • Covering windows, turning off utilities, and moving possessions if you have adequate warning of hurricanes or floods
  • Having your home inspected by a building inspector or architect to find out what structural improvements could prevent major damage
  • Conducting an inventory of your household possessions and update it annually - include photographs and get professional appraisals
  • Making copies of receipts and canceled checks for more valuable items
  • Keeping the originals of all important financial and family documents in a safe place - store copies elsewhere
  • Photographing the exterior of your home to include the landscaping
  • Buying insurance - make sure it covers any perils you may face