Insurance Fraud Unit

Home, Health and Auto


To protect the public from economic loss and distress by actively investigating and arresting those who commit insurance fraud and to reduce the overall incidence of insurance fraud through anti-fraud outreach to the public, private and governmental sectors.  Staffed by a full time  investigator and an Assistant District Attorney who oversees legal issues.

Core Activities:

1. Investigate incidents of insurance fraud cases as they occur.
2. Assist other police departments or agencies with insurance fraud investigations.
3. Prepare pending cases for court and aggressively prosecute all insurance fraud cases pending trial.
4. Use the Cumberland County Grand Jury to develop investigative leads and elicit the testimony of
    uncooperative individuals.
5. Maintain information about incidents of insurance fraud using a database to track intelligence,
    perpetrators, vehicles, trends, and other data.
6. Document actions taken in investigations and maintain statistics accordingly.
7. Coordinate investigative efforts with industry, particularly the Special Investigative Units.
8. Examine and identify trends, patterns, common schemes, or methods of operations to plan and
    conduct proactive investigations.
9. Disseminate information on trends and patterns to local law enforcement to create an effective
    web of enforcement.
10. Develop contacts with high-risk industries (medical, auto repair, etc) in order to create
     awareness and a willingness to report suspicious claims and/or activity.
11. Provide speakers to promote insurance fraud awareness and issues to public groups or forums.
12. Set up at local car shows to hand out literature and speak with the public about auto related
     insurance fraud issues.
13. Issue media releases about recent arrests, current crime trends and specific problems.
14. Continue efforts as part of the Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority Advisory Committee to
     establish training for units across the state.