Drug Task Force



The Drug Task Force trains both county and municipal personnel in the conduct of drug investigations, establishes and maintains an intelligence databank of suspected illegal drug dealers and users, maintains and utilizes approved electronic surveillance equipment in support of investigations, seizes and forfeits assets of drug dealers as provided by law, and coordinates drug investigations in Cumberland County with state and federal drug enforcement agencies. 

Core Activities:

  1. To select and train county and municipal personnel for drug investigations.
  2. To maintain and become proficient in the use of electronic surveillance equipment and techniques.
  3. To establish an intelligence system which records all suspected and confirmed drug users and dealers and dealers who come in contact with law enforcement authorities.
  4. To conduct undercover drug operations involving the use of both police and civilian informants.
  5. To conduct surveillance operations of locations and/or individuals suspected of illegal drug activity.
  6. To document in report form all investigative activity conducted by the task force.
  7. To inventory, store, and maintain all property and contraband seized during drug investigations.
  8. To establish and conduct liaison contacts with state and federal drug enforcement agencies.